Free Landing Page Templates

Here’s a bunch of different types of landing page templates that you can download and use – they are all written in HTML/CSS and only require basic html/css skills to tweak. I put this page together so all my landing page templates are in ONE spot and easy to get to. When a campaign idea pops in your head, you can just browse for a fitting template, download it, and swap out the headline/image/adcopy to fit your campaign.

Since every campaign is so different, the idea is to download a template that is 75% there. Instead of building every LP from scratch, you can work off of these. Note: The number of templates is growing with time – don’t worry there will be many coming in the future!

Remember, it is the MERIT of your landing page that makes the difference, not the particular layout that you use. And when it comes to testing your landing pages, there is only 1 metric you need to know… visitor value!

PPV Optin Template #1

You can use this on any traffic source, but it is sized perfectly for PPV (LeadImpact & TrafficVance)

PPV Squeeze Page Template

Download FilesDemo


Simple Squeeze Page

simple squeeze page

Download FilesDemo


Minisite Lander

minisite lander template

Download FilesDemo


Product Detail Template

basic product detail

Download FilesDemo


Presell Template #1

Presell Landing Page #1

Download FilesDemo


Content Template Formatted for PPV (TrafficVance + LeadImpact)

PPV Landing Page Template

Download FilesDemo


Basic 2-Column Template

2 Column HTML Template

Download FilesDemo


Basic 1-Column Template

1 Column HTML Template

Download FilesDemo


Basic Review Template

Basic Review template

Download FilesDemo


Basic Review Template #2

Basic HTML Review Template

Download FilesDemo


Looking for a solid course on buying traffic and getting it to convert into sales? I really enjoyed Traffic Blackbook by Chad Hamzeh. It’s great for beginners, and even better for intermediate folks. Not much stuff out there for the truly advanced people, unfortunately.