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Awhile ago I found a big list of traffic sources, so I went through and categorized them, removed dead sites, and added some of my own. I will be keeping this list as up-to-date as possible, so make sure to hit CTRL+D to bookmark it.

Green = top traffic source



  1. Google Adwords – Search and Content network
  2. Bing/Yahoo – Search and Content Text/Contextual ads
  3. Miva – 2nd-tier Search PPC network
  4. 7Search – 2nd-tier Search PPC network
  5. LookSmart – self serve search/contextual text ads
  6. AdKnowledge – one stop shop for lots of types of ads. interesting.
  7. Affinity – search, parked pages, text ads – good 2nd tier inventory
  8. Marchex – PPC text ads on mainly tech related sites
  9. AdMarketplace – self serve text ads
  10. FindItQuick – text ads

Self-Serve Social

  1. Facebook Ads – Self Serve Ads on Facebook
  2. My Ads – Self Serve banners on Myspace & a host of Fox network sites
  3. POF Ads – Self Serve Ads on PlentyOfFish
  4. Reddit Ads – self serve direct ads on reddit.com
  5. LinkedIn Ads – good for B2B


  1. Traffic Vance – Great PPV network. Their only downside is that they don’t have alot of international inventory. Best interface in the business. $1k deposit
  2. Lead Impact – Another great PPV network. Formerly Zango. Has lots of international inventory. $200 deposit.
  3. AdOnNetwork – banners, contextual, search – self serve
  4. MediaTraffic – ppv ads
  5. Direct CPV – cpv, self serve popups
  6. Clicksor – banners/text ads/pop unders
  7. Adoori – ppv popups – self serve
  8. Findology – ppc/cpv

Self-Serve Media Buys & Ad Networks

  1. AdBlade – self serve display ads, very good service
  2. Advertising.com AdDesk from AOL – Self serve banners on AOL :)
  3. AdSonar – text ads on AOL. the text ad version of AOL AdDesk
  4. Pulse360 – ads on good high traffic inventory
  5. Sitescout.com – banners on high traffic sites
  6. AdReady – display ads/self serve banners on yahoo sites
  7. Yabuka – ads on good high traffic inventory. $1k deposit. similar to Pulse360
  8. AdToll.com – now owned by Clickbooth – banners/display/text ads.
  9. CBS Interactive – media buys on very high traffic CBS site inventory
  10. AdBuyer – media buying search/display exchange. great place to do retargeting campaigns
  11. Advertise.com – self serve text, search and display ads
  12. Traffiq.com – self serve banners, able to negotiate with tons of sites through an interface
  13. XA.net – Display/retargeting/facebook ad exchange
  14. OpenX Ad Marketplace – banner exchange on open x ad network
  15. Contextweb – banners/media buying exchange
  16. AdSide – self serve ppc contextual text ads
  17. Adbrite – self serve banners. Cheap place to test banners for CTR
  18. AdEngage – banners/text, similar to adbrite, allow weekly buys
  19. ZedoAdNetwork.com – Zedo self serve. No targeting options unless you talk to them
  20. TrafficTaxi.net – self serve banners/display/popunders – global
  21. AdPerium – torrent site traffic. display banners, self serve, similar to adbrite
  22. BuyAds.com – self-serve banners on many quality sites
  23. BuySellAds – self serve banners on a range of design blogs.
  24. BlogAds – banners/text ads on high traffic blog network.
  25. RealTechNetwork – Variety of formats, self serve platform
  26. Chitika – search related contextual display ads. $50k monthly minimum (lol)
  27. Adroll – self serve banners/site targeting. Does not allow affiliates

Media Buy Networks (non-self serve)

  1. Doubleclick – Media Buys with Google
  2. Advertising.com (also check this link) – display/banners, media buys on AOL
  3. Microsoft Ad Network – microsoft banner display/media buys
  4. Tribal Fusion – media buy banner network
  5. EngageBDR – media buys on high traffic inventory. $25k to start
  6. Rubicon Project – media buys, nice interface/inventory
  7. FOX Networks – banners on FOX properties
  8. Casale Media – self serve banners
  9. Right media (Yahoo) – self serve banner exchange
  10. CPXinteractive – banners/display, media buys
  11. ValueClick – banners, display/media buys
  12. Interclick – banners, high volume media buys
  13. Burst Media – banners/display/media buys
  14. Matomy Media – cpm banners on good inventory of sites
  15. AdJuggler – display/media buys
  16. AdFunky – Display/rich media, some high traffic inventory
  17. PremiumAccess.com – dashboard ads, the ones that pop up at the bottom of a webpage
  18. Xtend Media – banner/display media buys
  19. ReduxMedia – Display, media buys, some good blog inventory
  20. BannerConnect – media buys/banners, good european reach
  21. Glam Media – media buys, display, very good inventory for female demo
  22. Vibrant Media – inline contextual/rich ads, media buys
  23. Tremor Media – media buys, good range of new formats
  24. Traffic Marketplace – display/email ads, media buys
  25. Specific Media – banners/video display, media buys
  26. Undertone.com – premium banners/display/media buys
  27. Tatto Media – banners/display/media buys
  28. MediaWhiz – banners/display, media buys
  29. Z5x.net – display banners, media buys, large inventory
  30. Dsnrmg.com – display, media buys, unknown quantity/quality
  31. Collective.com – media buys, banners/display
  32. Adconian – video/banner ads, media buys
  33. Pubmatic – ad network. looks like only exchanges can sign up to them.
  34. Technorati Media – banners

In-Text Advertising

  1. Infolinks – self serve text inline contextual ads
  2. 50onRed – self serve text inline contextual ads
  3. InLinks – monthly fee inline contextual ads
  4. Admanage – Contextual, inline & display, pops, parking, decent volume
  5. Kontera – inline contextual text ads. Not self-serve
  6. AdMedia – self serve inline contextual text ads like kontera, also display ads
  7. Snap LinkAds– text/inline type ads
  8. Linkworth – Banners, inline, contextual, plenty of cheap inventory

Mobile Phone Ad Networks

  1. Admob – mobile ads, now owned by google
  2. MobClix – mobile ad exchange
  3. Jumptap – mobile ad network
  4. Admoda – mobile ad network
  5. Millenial Media – not self-serve
  6. GreyStripe – mobile ad network. not self-serve
  7. Inmobi – mobile ad network
  8. Mobclix – mobile ad exchange
  9. BuzzCity – mobile ad network
  10. Adfonic – mobile advertising
  11. Mobixell – mobile advertising


  1. AdBuyer – media buying search/display exchange. best place to start with retargeting. taps into Right Media and Doubleclick
  2. Retargeter – Retarget the ones who didn’t sign up first time
  3. FetchBack – Retarget the ones who didn’t sign up first time
  4. MyThings – Retarget the ones who didn’t sign up first time
  5. Criteo.com – Retargeting

Category (Gaming)

  1. Mochi Media – self serve in-game ads
  2. CPMStar – banners display aimed at gaming sites only
  3. Intergi – banners and static/video in-game adverts
  4. NeoEdge.com – static/video in game adverts
  5. Ad4Game – banners on gaming sites
  6. Ad2Games – online advertising for games
  7. Axifer – banners on Gamezer
  8. Game Advertising Online – large scale performance-focused advertising solution for online games

Category (Adult)

  1. Black Label Ads – Text & banners on adult inventory – adult version of adbrite
  2. AdExpansion – Display/banners on adult inventory
  3. EroAdvertising – Web & mobile display/banners on adult inventory
  4. TrafficJunky.net – adult self serve display/banners, good volume inventory
  5. JuicyAds – Display on adult inventory, flat rate buys per week/month
  6. Adult Ad World – CPM ads, text ads, pop-under, clicked traffic

Social Apps

  1. Appvert – Facebook apps ads, display
  2. TrianAds – failbook app ads, display
  3. TappJoy – socialmedia app ads and distribution
  4. Userplane – social media advertising for media buyers
  5. Cubics – social media ads
  6. Rock You Media – social media display ads


  1. Reseau Select – banner and offline targetted at quebec
  2. Canoe Klix – text ads on the canoe.ca network
  3. Adconian – display/media buys, good for Europe
  4. Hola Networks – media buys targeting hispanic demo only in USA
  5. Hi Media – display/media buys, mainly European traffic
  6. Ad2OneGroup – media buys on premium UK, Irish & Aus. sites + Ebay UK
  7. Pamoja Media – Adify powered, banners for African traffic
  8. SHE Network – Adify powered, target Swedish women
  9. Smowtion – display banners, most South American inventory
  10. Traffic Synergy AdRands – banners, South African traffic
  11. Adbid.se – premium network for online newspapers in Sweden. CPM, CPC and CPA/CPO. Does retargeting and has both banners and text ads.
  12. UTarget.co – UK display/rich media/video, owned by Fox
  13. Unanimis – display/video media buys, UK traffic
  14. Mirago – UK/French/German contextual/search ads
  15. HarrenMedia – Media buys, South American/Hispanic traffic
  16. Filiado – Media buys for Brazilian inventory
  17. ExoClick – Text/display on various inventory. Similar model to adbrite
  18. Aim4Media – Display media buys, European traffic
  19. Adverline – Media buys, good quality French/Euro inventory
  20. Accelerator Media – UK banners/media buys
  21. Specific Media – Media buys/display on UK/Euro premium inventory
  22. Global Interactive – Smaller scale banner/pop media buys
  23. Adtegrity – Media buys/display, high volume


  1. Sitepoint Marketplace – small direct banner buys
  2. AdOptim – in-video, text and banner ads
  3. YuMe – in-video ads, media buys
  4. BrightRoll – Video Media Buying
  5. AdClickMedia.com – looks kind of like Bidvertiser
  6. Ezanga – cheap search/contextual/cpv/display
  7. AditAll – produce and run video ad campaigns
  8. Elephant Traffic – mispelled domain traffic auction
  9. Sponsored Tweets – sponsored twitter posts
  10. Izea – self serve sponsored tweets/blog posts
  11. Ad.ly – more twitter ads

List Brokers

  1. Arcamax – Amazing source for solo mailings to quality optin lists
  2. The SRDS – rent mailing lists. mainly for direct mail I think.
  3. NextMark – rent mailing lists. also mainly for direct mail I think.

Looking for a solid course on paid traffic? I really enjoyed Traffic Blackbook by Chad Hamzeh. It’s great for beginners, and even better for intermediate folks. Not much stuff out there for the truly advanced people, unfortunately.

Traffic Blackbook


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