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April 2015 Update: Good job to all the people who are actually reading all the letters, I can see you in my stats coming back every day. There’s hundreds if not thousands of you taking action :)

gary halbert

If you want to write high-converting adcopy then you simply need to study Gary Halbert – he was one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived! The thing is, his website is terribly organized. The content is amazing but all the newsletters are completely out of order. You’ll be reading one where he refers to the last newsletter and you’ll be like damn, I haven’t read that one yet. So I did my best to organize it a bit. I did this for myself but then realized it would benefit everybody, so I’m posting the links here.

For the most part, everything is pretty organized from 1986 (the year the newsletter started) to the 2000’s. All the misc. stuff at the bottom was taken directly off the website, but since there are no dates posted, is impossible to organize.

Note: Since some of the newsletters seem to be missing from the website (or just not indexed in Google) I uploaded the PDF here where you can read the missing pages. If you also hate reading 1,000 page .pdf documents, here are the links so you can read them online.

(links open in a new tab)

MISSING page 103-110

MISSING page 159-166

MISSING page 299-310
MISSING page 313-324
MISSING page 327-334
MISSING page 335-342
MISSING page 343-344
MISSING page 345-354
MISSING page 357-364
MISSING page 365-372
MISSING page 373-380
MISSING page 381-388
MISSING page 382-408
MISSING page 409-416

MISSING page 425-432
MISSING page 433-440
MISSING page 441-448
MISSING page 449-468
MISSING page 469-476
MISSING page 477-484
MISSING page 485-492
MISSING page 493-494
MISSING page 495-496

MISSING page 513-520
MISSING page 521-528

MISSING page 537-544
MISSING page 545-552
MISSING page 553-560
MISSING page 561-572

MISSING page 581-588
MISSING page 591-598
MISSING page 599-606
MISSING page 607-618
MISSING page 619-626
MISSING page 627-634
MISSING page 635-642
MISSING page 643-649

MISSING page 659-666

MISSING page 675-682
MISSING page 684-691
MISSING page 692-699
MISSING page 700-707
MISSING page 708-715
MISSING page 716-723
MISSING page 724-731
MISSING page 732-739
MISSING page 740-747
MISSING page 748-753
MISSING page 756
MISSING page 757-764
MISSING page 765-772
MISSING page 773-780
MISSING page 781-788
MISSING page 789-800
MISSING page 801-812

MISSING page 829-836
MISSING page 837-844
MISSING page 845-852
MISSING page 853-860
MISSING page 861-871

MISSING page 881-889
MISSING page 890-901
MISSING page 902-915
MISSING page 916-924

MISSING page 934-942

MISSING page 952-959

MISSING page 1100-1115
MISSING page 1116-1123

MISSING page 1140-1155 (END)

The Boron Letters

Misc – Couldn’t Organize These,00_letters.htm

Traffic Blackbook


  1. Rich Gorman says:

    Awesome!! Thank you for taking the time to organize all of Gary Halbert’s letters. This is a truly valuable resource you created.

    • admin says:

      I’m stoked you are finding it useful Rich! and thanks for the mention on your blog, its appreciated!

      btw, it all looks pretty damn good on a mobile browser. My site is mobile compatible so you can scroll for links, and then looks great on mobile phones too (both look great on my blackberry at least). So whenever I’m on a train or somethin, I know what I’ll be doing 😀

  2. tygoldberg says:

    followed the link from


  3. Houston says:

    This is an absolute gold mine, dude. I was /just/ thinking the other day when I was reading through some of the letters, “Damn, these would be phenomenal if they were in any order that made sense.”

    Thanks for putting them together as best you could. It’s much appreciated! Now I can print these all out out & put into a spiral bound notebook to study.

    • admin says:

      exactly what I thought! and no problem!

      hopefully people can now learn how to write their own adcopy that converts instead of just jacking everybody elses all the time 😀

  4. d3so says:

    thanks for the compilation.
    gonna bookmark, now!

  5. admin says:

    More copy resources:

    By user request, I put all the links to the Makepeace Total Package right here:

    Clayton Makepeace is another big name that people should study. His site is a standard WP blog, but it’s nice to have all the links on a single page.

    …and here’s a link to the Bencivenga Bullets archive! Gary Bencivenga is another must-read!

  6. Houston says:

    Can anyone help a brother out? In this letter ( Gary apparently attached what he considered the most successful ad ever written.

    I can’t seem to find that ad. So, if anyone knows where I can read it, it’d be much appreciated.

  7. Terrific job.

    What Halbert did best was to create a very personal relationship with his readers. The more I read his newsletters, the more I realized that it was certain phrases in each letter that endeared him to me. About 20 years ago, I went through dozens of his letters and pulled out a list of those phrases. You may find them useful:

    Take care,

    Richard Dennis

  8. Brandon says:

    Hello. Thanks for putting these into one easy to use place! Do you happen to still have the complete 1000+pg PDF? Seems that the download link in this post(above)is broken. Could you re-upload for us? Thank you!

  9. admin says:

    Updated post with this link:

    let me know if that one works for ya

  10. Franc says:

    Hey! I just found your site and I’ve to say…AWESOME work what you have done with The Gary Halbert Letter!

    Do you still have your PDF with all the letters organized? I’d love to read it in my ipad but I haven’t been able to find one pdf such as yours. I’ve tried your last link but doesn’t let me download it.

    Is there any other site that you know of that I can still get this?

    Thanks mate 😉

  11. I had done this 3 years ago. Kevin Halbert had me take it down. Now I just keep it for personal use. Seems the Halbert’s want to be the only ones distributing their father’s work.

  12. weijin says:

    Thanks, this is awesome! Unfortunately the download stops halfway everytime I try.

  13. jay says:

    Is the reupload link the missing pages?

  14. jay says:

    Is the alternate link the missing pages I mean

  15. jay says:

    I was under impression that the newsletters PDF was organized from the 1986 when it started until his death in april 2007

  16. jay says:

    I was under impression that the newsletters PDF was organized from the 1986 when it started until his death in april 2007, or, when ever his last newsletter from his own words went out.

  17. Jay says:

    I don’t mean to lean on you, but, would you happen to have the Boron letters along with the misc. wrapped up nicely in one PDF?
    This is of course along with the missing page PDF. The link above didn’t work for me for those missing pages.

  18. Jason Parker says:

    This is awesome :)

    I’ve asked Kevin Halbert to one day put out a printed book filled with all of his letters… (or a collection of them in multiple books… leather bound… and awesome).

    It doesn’t look like it’ll ever happen though.

  19. Thomas Do says:

    This is absolutely what I needed. You’re simply incredible and have saved me a lot of time.

    Thanks heaps.


  20. Swarup says:

    What you have created for us is like a diamond simply left on the sands of a desert. One of the greatest resources for a copywriter. Thanks for putting this together!

    One question: Do you have an updated PDF which has Gary Halbert Letters after the year 2000? I think the last letter he wrote was in 2004. If not, where might I find it?

    (Okay… I know that’s two questions. But, what can I say… I’m searching for them…)


    • admin says:

      Glad you like it Swarup 😀

      To answer your question, no… I have no idea where to find an updated version with the newsletters from 2004. I’m pretty sure all the newsletters are there (on the site, not in pdf) under the Miscellaneous section, but it’s all just unorganized. No way to organize it!

      If you do find a way to organize those with an updated pdf, please return back here and leave a comment! 😀

  21. Matt says:

    This is fantastic! It was a real pain in the a$$ to find the past newsletters that Gary refers to. Thanks for putting this together.

    One question about the PDF version…

    Is there any way (or any PDF reader) that can search the scanned text? That thing is a real monster and it’s pretty difficult to find specific newsletters.

  22. John Counsel says:

    Scanning with a good OCR program would be the logical way to go. Convert the images to editable text means it can be formatted to whatever format you prefer, indexed, searched, linked, etc.

    OmniPage is as good as any. 99% accuracy. Trainable software, too.

  23. Jim Brown says:

    Awesome! Thank God someone’s insanely obsessive to organize these for us. Eternally grateful!

  24. George L. says:

    I greatly appreciate your efforts. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Mike says:

    Thank you for putting this together.

  26. Shoaib says:

    This is something awesome.

    I love Gary Halbert newsletter and I am in the process of reading everyone of them.

    Already half-way there…

    Thank you so much for making the PDF… I really appreciate.

  27. More entrepreneurs should know about your work and site. Great job done here bringing Gary’s work together. Excellent resource. Well done!!

  28. Jonathan says:

    Quick question for you. Does the big huge PDF you posted at the beginning of the blog post contain all of his newsletters that are available online (all of the links you posted below the link to the PDF)?

    Thanks so much for putting this together! I truly appreciate it!

    • admin says:

      If i remember correctly, there are some that are online that aren’t in the PDF, but many of those were written by other people after Gary’s death. And then there are some that are in the PDF, but not online!

  29. Blasko says:

    I just found this material and I HAD TO say thank you for the amazing work.

    I am a regular reader of the letters and I feel the pain that you correctly identified: no order.

    You did a huge favour to all of us.


  30. Trent Charles says:

    This is AWESOME!

    Thank you!

  31. James says:

    Thanks for taking the time to do this and share!

    Also, thanks for sorting out Makepeace’s links, although….his domain expired this week! I just found your site a few days ago and was all ready to have a Makepeace cramming weekend! Shame…

    Power to you!

  32. James says:

    Guys great news…Makepeaces domain has been renewed today..phew!

  33. dapo says:

    you deserve something in a tip jar for this… or beer money in the list. Thank you!

  34. David Hunter says:

    Wow! I feel like I just stumbled upon a gold mine. Thanks for putting all the newsletter as a PDF!!!

  35. Bookmark’d! I’ve got my airport-reading material sorted for the next couple months!!!!

    I’ve tried to read through some of Gary’s stuff in the past, but always got lost in disconnected ideas from his site alone. Now, I am already half way through the Boron letters and loving it!

    Sincere ‘Thanks’ on this one!!!!

  36. Joe says:

    Thank you so much for organizing the letters. I just found out about the Gary Halbert letters a few days ago and ready to dive in an learn. However, I am unable to access the 1000+ page PDF file link. Is the link still working or is it possible for you to email the file?

    Again, thanks.

  37. Yuvrajsinh says:

    This is a gold mine.

    Do you’ve a pdf for his book – the boron letters?

  38. Helen Mortensen says:

    Wow Thank You so much for this absloutely amazing work. I just started to organize that site myself, so you just saved me a ton of work. I am working on a website atm, and when ready, I will put a link to this site of yours.
    Thanks again!

  39. Man, I just want to say, YOU ARE AWESOME. i stumbled across this site from Google itself and I’ve been reading it like my life depends on it. The man has a way of just sucking you in and he makes you want to be his friend. He makes you want him to win and he gives SOLID advice. I’ve been following his breadcrumbs to the different books he recommends and they are also gems.

    I used these strategies and They are effective as hell. I used to try and please everyone with my writing you know, but now, I understand that some people like you some people don’t and that’s how life is. Now I let my true voice shine through and my following has gotten stronger becaue of it.

    Cheers man Cheers

    Daniel Ndukwu

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