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April 2015 Update: Good job to all the people who are actually reading all the letters, I can see you in my stats coming back every day. There’s hundreds if not thousands of you taking action :)

gary halbert

If you want to write high-converting adcopy then you simply need to study Gary Halbert – he was one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived! The thing is, his website is terribly organized. The content is amazing but all the newsletters are completely out of order. You’ll be reading one where he refers to the last newsletter and you’ll be like damn, I haven’t read that one yet. So I did my best to organize it a bit. I did this for myself but then realized it would benefit everybody, so I’m posting the links here.

For the most part, everything is pretty organized from 1986 (the year the newsletter started) to the 2000’s. All the misc. stuff at the bottom was taken directly off the website, but since there are no dates posted, is impossible to organize.

Note: Since some of the newsletters seem to be missing from the website (or just not indexed in Google) I uploaded the PDF here where you can read the missing pages. If you also hate reading 1,000 page .pdf documents, here are the links so you can read them online. Organized

Traits of Common Traffic Sources

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Every traffic source is different, but here are a couple traits I think apply to certain kinds of traffic based on my experiences.

Search PPC – Probably the most stable paid traffic source due to new eyeballs consistently seeing your ads every day. Kind of like advertising with a billboard above the freeway. My longest campaign has been running untouched for over 1 year. Biggest problem is dealing with other PPC advertisers constantly coming in and bidding on your keywords.

Organic SEO – If you are ranking for 1 keyword, then it’s not very stable because it’s so easy to knock you out. But if you are ranking for thousands of keywords across hundreds of pages, then it is pretty stable in my experience. Organic sites are my favorite because they don’t require the day-to-day monitoring that paid traffic campaigns require.

PPV – The longest PPV campaign I had ran for about 4 or 5 months, but I have heard from friends that they have some campaigns that have lasted over a year. Overall PPV campaigns have to be the easiest to run.

Social – Facebook Ads probably has the highest rate of banner blindness. Instead of new eyeballs seeing your ads, the same demographic is seeing them over and over. You need to tweak your ads to keep them fresh if advertising to the same demographic. With that said, you can drive a shitload of volume with Facebook. You can easily do 10,000+ clicks/day if you have enough campaigns.

Media Buys – Unfortunately I do not have much personal experience with media buys (I’ve only done small direct-to-site buys) so I can’t comment just yet. Once I gain more experience I’ll write about it. But I’m guessing if the site gets most of its traffic from organic SEO, then it too would be pretty stable due to new eyeballs seeing your ads everyday. A forum on the other hand likely has the same group of users sucking up most of the impressions.

What has been your experiences? Leave a comment!

Tshirts: The Best Default Offer Ever?

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How many times do you see a trending keyword/topic but can’t find a good affiliate offer to match it? All the time, right?

tshirt - best default offer?

Whatever is happening in the world, you can slap that shit on a tshirt and sell it. Right now the thing that comes to mind is the whole Occupy Wall Street thing.

Don’t think there is any money in Tshirts? Check this article about how a teen from NY made $120k in 48 hours by tapping into a trend that people were passionate about.

Tshirts = Impulse Buys :)

A Look into The Minds of 2 Shopping Addicts

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Recently, I watched an episode of True Life on MTV titled “I’m a Compulsive Shopper” which profiles 2 young girls who both whip out their credit cards pretty much on demand, and are in credit card debt because of it.

As a marketer, it’s interesting to see how people justify spending themselves into huge debt. I mean, how could you not smile to yourself upon hearing a compulsive shoppers’ rationalization for buying yet another pair of expensive designer jeans…

“…but, but, it has a 5 year guarantee!”

Ha ha! 😀 Just that right there tells shows me just how effective guarantees really are at clinching the sale. If you’ve got a few minutes I’ve embedded the episode below. You may pick up a few new insights that you have considered before. I know I sure have.

Also, they say you gotta get to know your target market, so if you work in the health/weight loss market it may be worth looking at the “True Life…I’m Obese” episode. You can see a full list of episodes here.

A Pic of The Facebook Ads Team

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Finally, a picture of the Facebook Ads Team has found its way on to the internet.

The original if you’d like to Photoshop it and join in on the fun.

An Untapped Traffic Source

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I’m probably going to regret posting this but I’m feeling like I should do a good deed for the day 😀

The untapped traffic source = press releases

Here are some advantages to promoting with Press Releases…

  • tons of traffic when done right
  • you can get super valuable links for SEO which boost your sites in the serps
  • did i mention huge volumes of traffic when you get it right?

The only thing about submitting press releases that you need to know is…

  • It has to be newsworthy so it actually gets picked up in the first place.

That’s it. You can monetize the traffic if you get it.

Not newsworthy = not picked up = no traffic = no links = no sales.

All you need to do is think in a problem/solution format. You submit press releases about new and current problems in the world and offer solutions to those problems.

Bonus points if you can figure out an angle or niche where you can duplicate it consistently.

What is newsworthy anyway? Well, when stuff is new or things happen it can be newsworthy if given a compelling title. Just start paying attention to the news and try to pair up the news you hear with an affiliate offer. Maybe a creative idea will jump out at you.

What just happened in the news that you can create a news piece around? What’s the problem that is caused? What’s the solution to fix or alleviate the problem?

Some Ideas

Currently, since the US economy is in shambles, you could probably do well by staying up with political and/or financial news and writing press releases related to the financial crisis or whatever. Then funnel that traffic to debt offers.

Violent crimes happen frequently, right? Things like rapes/burglery/assaults. Those stories always get picked up in the news right? Maybe you could write news pieces about big crimes and funnel all that traffic that is generated to a home security offer?

Being able to use the exact same strategy and just duplicate it over and over is how you scale.

Another example since I’m feeling nice.

Let’s say you’re an antivirus/registry cleaner affiliate and you notice new viruses are being distributed every week. You could send out a press release every single week with a news piece on the “new” virus (problem), then you offer the solution (affiliate offer).

Once you are able to see the angles and figure out how to create newsworthy pieces, you can use the media and the news sites as your own personal traffic source. Plus you can a metric shit ton of links for SEO purposes. Basically, you become a reporter who soft pitches at the end of her news reports 😉

Google Ridiculousness

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If you’ve ever bought traffic from Google then this is for you. 0:40 for the lols.

Hahaha screw them, there are many other traffic sources these days considering online advertising is exploding.

LOL Sales

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You know how many LOL sales you’d get from doing this?

The “Dear Editor” Lander

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I love reading rag mags because they always have interesting advertising in them. Check out this one I just saw…

I would split test the CTA and try sending people to a review site 😀

Struggling for Cash? Provide a LOCAL Service!

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Cashflow is king. If you are still waiting for checks to come in from your affiliate networks and wanna hustle up some money on the side, consider providing a unique service to your local market!

Maybe you are decent at building websites (you don’t have to be PRO, just decent). Simply put an ad on Facebook in your local area targeting parents with an offer to teach their children how to build websites. See how people respond.

You can use Facebook’s new category targeting and choose Parents with kids between whatever ages.

Maybe you are badass on the guitar. Do some guitar lessons for the kids.

Perhaps you rock at graphic design.

Price accordingly. Whip up a simple landing page and ask them to call you or whatever.

The opportunities are endless. Whatever you are good at it, offer it up. Not only can you earn some money, it’s a great way to meet people in your local area, plus you can be like a mentor and shit! Who knows, Papa Bear may be so impressed with you that he’ll hit you up and introduce you to his hot niece 😉

This is definitely not for everybody, but if you are struggling with AM and are good at something (skateboarding, surfing, math, video editing, WHATEVER) you can provide that service to people in your area. With Facebook’s targeting options, it’s pretty damn easy to show your ads to the right kind of people. Then use the money you make to fund your campaigns.

If you haven’t seen Shoemoney’s “Soup To Nuts” Guide on Facebook Advertising, watch it here. Facebook advertising is amazing for these kinds of local services. He even shows an example of how he killed it on DENTIST leads. And everybody hates to go to the dentist! Facebook Ads is that good for these kinds of things.

Why try and find a job when you can create your own?