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How To Build an Ultra-Responsive Email List

April 10th, 2013

How does email marketing work? Here’s a small excerpt that I think nails it.

…a better example would be comparing your list with a Special Interest TV Channel dedicated to your target market….

Now with this perspective in mind – put yourself in the “shoes” of your subscribers and consider the following:

  • How long would you watch a TV Channel where the only thing it ever broadcasted were ads or infomercials?
  • What would stop you from “changing the channel” if the channel you were watching seemed to get almost all of its story ideas and featured programs from other channels or networks?
  • How much would you respect a TV Personality (or a public speaker) if absolutely every word out of their mouth was hyped up and pressuring you do to something?

Obviously, you’d quickly tune them out and plan on never revisiting that channel – or seeing that speaker – again, so help you God.

And yet this is how the majority of people run their “lists”.

Like a traffic strategy. And as a result, they torch their reputation and become an unwelcome, annoying intruder in their subscribers’ inboxes – ironically, without ever realizing it. And all the “proven” email tricks, headlines, best-converting solo promotions or otherwise marketing tricks will have trivial results at best.

Because they’ve clearly identified themselves as a one-trick-pony pitch artist. They’ve trained their list to expect nothing more than a shallow-coated AD each time they send out a broadcast, regardless of the headline (or promise).

And that is why their results are, or become, dismal. They no longer have “subscribers”. They merely have a list of emails, whose owners are either too lazy to unsubscribe or simply “tolerate” the emails and read something occasionally if they’re bored.

(Ironically, this leads many publishers to actually “hard sell” their list even more frequently, trying to milk a dying cow for all it’s worth…)

Now I’m not saying that you can’t sell stuff to your list.

On the contrary – you can sell, and sell a lot.

But it’s how you communicate with your audience that makes all the difference.

Just like a successful TV Channel, you can make a fortune by lining up a continuous mix of great content, paid content and ads.

Now, here’s how to do it the right way…

Part 1: Relentless Ad-Pounding VS a Compelling “Channel”

Pretty simple when you think about it that way, huh? I definitely recommend checking out the entire report if you do any email marketing yourself (or know you should). It’s a great read that deals with the fundamentals we all seem to forget as time goes by (or never learned in the first place).

If you’re looking for ideas, just pair up people’s hobbies with your email list: People pay attention to things (your future emails) when it’s about their hobby. And here’s another hint – ad networks like Facebook Ads is amazing for these types of campaigns.

A Keyword Goldmine

November 1st, 2012

I think keyword research is one of my strongest points as a PPC/SEO marketer, but at the end of the day everybody searches differently. It’s quite crazy how two different people will search for the same thing. Some people type full on sentences while others type just the most important keywords.

With that said, a solid way to get a feel for all the different styles that people search is to actually sit down and read peoples’ search histories. Whaaaat? You didn’t know that was possible? Well, it is.

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Full List of Clickbank Approved Countries

September 16th, 2012

People focus way too much on US traffic. Any country NOT listed here is to be considered blacklisted for Clickbank. If the country is on this list, you can run traffic to Clickbank offers without a problem. I also included a list of the top 20 economies just below according to GDP. Keep in mind the European Union itself is made up of 27 countries, which combined is bigger than the US economy. Bold blue = European Union

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Best Direct Response Infomercial Ever

May 8th, 2012


Did you know the company behind Brazil Butt Lift, BeachBody LLC, has done over $2 Billion in sales?

Struggling for Cash? Provide a LOCAL Service!

September 24th, 2011

Cashflow is king. If you are still waiting for checks to come in from your affiliate networks and wanna hustle up some money on the side, consider providing a unique service to your local market!

Maybe you are decent at building websites (you don’t have to be PRO, just decent). Simply put an ad on Facebook in your local area targeting parents with an offer to teach their children how to build websites. See how people respond.

You can use Facebook’s new category targeting and choose Parents with kids between whatever ages.

Maybe you are badass on the guitar. Do some guitar lessons for the kids.

Perhaps you rock at graphic design.

Price accordingly. Whip up a simple landing page and ask them to call you or whatever.

The opportunities are endless. Whatever you are good at it, offer it up. Not only can you earn some money, it’s a great way to meet people in your local area, plus you can be like a mentor and shit! Who knows, Papa Bear may be so impressed with you that he’ll hit you up and introduce you to his hot niece 😉

This is definitely not for everybody, but if you are struggling with AM and are good at something (skateboarding, surfing, math, video editing, WHATEVER) you can provide that service to people in your area. With Facebook’s targeting options, it’s pretty damn easy to show your ads to the right kind of people. Then use the money you make to fund your campaigns.

If you haven’t seen Shoemoney’s “Soup To Nuts” Guide on Facebook Advertising, watch it here. Facebook advertising is amazing for these kinds of local services. He even shows an example of how he killed it on DENTIST leads. And everybody hates to go to the dentist! Facebook Ads is that good for these kinds of things.

Why try and find a job when you can create your own?

Site Update: TPC is now Mobile Compatible

September 19th, 2011

Wordpress Mobile Edition

I just installed WordPress Mobile Edition (the only plugin that worked flawlessly the first time around) so you can now browse TPC on your smartphone while you’re bored and waiting for the train – or just sitting on the can 😀

If it doesn’t work properly for your smart phone, leave a comment with your make and model and I’ll add that to the plugin.