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Improve Your Landing Pages with KISSInsights

September 17th, 2011

UPDATE: Total FAIL on my part. The service I am referring to in this post is actually KISSinsights, not Kissmetrics like I originally posted.

Just the other day I was browsing when I saw an ad for a service that I may be interested in. I clicked on the pricing options page to get a feel for how much this thing was going to cost.

But the price wasn’t there.

What was there, on the bottom of the page, was a KISSMetrics KissInsights box asking me “what other information would you like to see on this page?”

Kiss Insights

Completely out of the way. Not in the way at all. Seeing this, I answered by saying “unclear pricing”. It didn’t send me to a thank you page or anything, so it wouldn’t distract from conversions.

I have no doubts that if you put this KissInsights box on the bottom of your landing pages that droves of people will fill them out.

Just like I did.

And you can use that info to create way better landing pages.

Surveying your visitors is nothing new. But KissInsights is probably the cleanest (and easiest) way to implement it.

It’s pretty cheap too. The $29/month plan should do the trick for most people. And there is a 30-day free trial which doesn’t require your credit card to sign up. Check it out.

Manually Figure Out Which States are Converting w/ Prosper202

February 26th, 2011

Affiliate Optimization: Which States Convert?

As you probably know, many traffic sources are ALL about the CTR of your ads. The higher the CTR on your ads, the lower price you pay for a click, and the easier it is for you to make money.

After you’ve been testing your new campaign, you should look and see which which states are most profitable for you, and which ones are the losers.

This is HUGE if you are advertising on Facebook Ads since they are all about the CTR. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut out high impression, low conversion states?

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