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A Keyword Goldmine

November 1st, 2012

I think keyword research is one of my strongest points as a PPC/SEO marketer, but at the end of the day everybody searches differently. It’s quite crazy how two different people will search for the same thing. Some people type full on sentences while others type just the most important keywords.

With that said, a solid way to get a feel for all the different styles that people search is to actually sit down and read peoples’ search histories. Whaaaat? You didn’t know that was possible? Well, it is.

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Are Your Ads Believable?

January 1st, 2012

Ask anyone what they think about the ads they see on the internet and the majority will say… SPAM! And frankly, it’s not hard to see why…

unbelievable adcopy

$90 dollar per hour at-home job? YEA FUCKING RIGHT. Only a small percentage of people would believe that shit (ie extremely desperate suckers). That ad very well may get a high CTR… but a high CTR is completely pointless if you are getting a shitty conversion rate!

Here’s another I just saw on Reddit.

not believable


It’s been said that there are 3 reasons why people don’t buy.

  • Don’t want what you’re selling
  • Can’t afford it

People will take action if they believe it can be done.

One way to make your stuff more believable is to show the flaws in the product. If we’re talking about those survey offers from the first example, tell them upfront that the most frustrating aspect of taking surveys is that they won’t be eligible to take every survey they come across.

That little bit of honesty right there goes a long way in building trust. Furthermore, it sets up expectations for the offer so people don’t refund it right away.

You don’t need to make your offer seem like the best thing since sliced bread because that comes off as desperate (<-- make sure to read that some time).

Gary Halbert talks about believability in a few of his newsletters. Use this link to find them via Google:

The other issue is Trust. Once people believe you (or WANT to believe you) you need them to trust you. By far the easiest “thing” to do is to add contact info on your landers. As Gary Halbert says… “people want to know they can reach out and get ya!”.

Moving on… I wanted to do a quick poll of all my readers so I can understand you guys better. 2012 is now here and I want to write stuff that is actually relevant for you.

Firstly, do you do SEO, paid traffic, or both?

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If there is anything you want to me to write about, leave a comment. If you want a certain kind of landing page template, let me know and I’ll add it to the landing page templates page.

A Pic of The Facebook Ads Team

October 25th, 2011

Finally, a picture of the Facebook Ads Team has found its way on to the internet.

The original if you’d like to Photoshop it and join in on the fun.

Google Ridiculousness

October 17th, 2011

If you’ve ever bought traffic from Google then this is for you. 0:40 for the lols.

Hahaha screw them, there are many other traffic sources these days considering online advertising is exploding.

LOL Sales

October 1st, 2011


You know how many LOL sales you’d get from doing this?

High-Volume Email Deploying

July 13th, 2011

If you’ve never seen this video, you’ve been missing out! CPA Empire’s (now Scott Richter on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

LOL Ads: Edition #2

April 17th, 2011

How NOT to run a Facebook Ads campaign

This is not how you run a keyword targeted campaign on Facebook Ads if you are looking to get any ROI from your ad. If you target people who like web design, you should have an offer that is somehow related to web design or web designers. Those branders think they are being clever, but they are literally pissing that money into the wind (like a firehose). LOL!

LOL Ads: Edition #1

April 15th, 2011

I’m starting a new series called LOL Ads. When I see a particularly funny ad, I’ll post it and tag it with LOL Ads. Here’s Edition #1: Pee Like a Firehose!

Pee Like a Firehose!

LOL, great headline!

Banned from Google [Video]

February 11th, 2011

The Technical Side of Affiliate Marketing

December 29th, 2010

How about a cup of RAGE