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The Absolute Biggest Mistake That New Affiliates Make

June 21st, 2012

…is writing adcopy off the top of their head when they come to the ad creation screen in their traffic source. In other words, totally wingin’ it!

Adcopy is the most part of your campaign and should be your #1 priority in getting right. If you just make something up with no real thought behind it, chances are you won’t produce something powerful and compelling enough that will actually perform. Once you have a good control ad you can start testing more spur-of-the-moment ideas.

I suggest getting organized and writing as much copy as you can before you even launch a campaign. It will make split testing easier (and more fun) since you know what you are going to test next and will keep you from spinning your tires!

Great Tip on Writing Adcopy

May 14th, 2012

After reading Mike Geary’s Super Affiliate newsletter, I thought he put the topic of writing effective adcopy into really simple English so I figured I’d cite it here for everyone!

Why Ad Wording is so Important

To explain why the wording of your ad is so important to whether you’ll make any money as an affiliate, let’s look at the psychology of the web surfer who is clicking on your ad…

First, let’s look at a generic type of ad for the Truth about Abs product.

Ok, here’s the main problem with this ad, and why it won’t result in as many sales as a more strategically worded ad…

For one, it looks too much like an ad, and many surfers will click on it out of curiosity, but are already on the defensive of being “sold” something. Another problem is that it simply looks exactly like what everybody else is saying.

Now let’s look at a type of ad wording that will get a much higher response rate, possibly even tripling the amount of sales you get from it.

So why in the world does this type of ad wording result in me tripling my money, whereas the other ad hardly gets any sales at all even for the exact same keywords?

The reason is that this type of ad wording has piqued the readers curiosity by mentioning something about 1 specific secret. Do you see what this is going to do when they click-through?

They’re going to hit the sales letter and be searching the page for this one specific secret that the ad mentioned, so they have a much higher chance of actually getting into reading the sales letter, and letting the sales letter do it’s work in converting them to a sale!


Full article here.

Well said!

Truth About Abs is a monster offer – you should definitely test it out. Mike also did a really awesome interview on Tim Ferris’ blog awhile back that is definitely worth reading. Good stuff!

Tested Advertising Methods 4th Edition is Available at Right Now

January 25th, 2012

Tested Advertising Methods, 4th Edition by John Caples

I know a lot of people have had trouble tracking down the 4th edition of “Tested Advertising Methods” by John Caples, so I just wanted to let everyone know that there are some used copies available right now at

Unfortunately, I left my copy out in the sun and the glue that held the pages together at the spine came undone. Not to mention the wind must’ve blown away the first 20 pages or so, heh 😀

I just got my new copy in the mail yesterday and figured some people would appreciate knowing that it is indeed available. For awhile this book was tough to track down. Better hurry though, some copies are going for over $100.


Are Your Ads Believable?

January 1st, 2012

Ask anyone what they think about the ads they see on the internet and the majority will say… SPAM! And frankly, it’s not hard to see why…

unbelievable adcopy

$90 dollar per hour at-home job? YEA FUCKING RIGHT. Only a small percentage of people would believe that shit (ie extremely desperate suckers). That ad very well may get a high CTR… but a high CTR is completely pointless if you are getting a shitty conversion rate!

Here’s another I just saw on Reddit.

not believable


It’s been said that there are 3 reasons why people don’t buy.

  • Don’t want what you’re selling
  • Can’t afford it

People will take action if they believe it can be done.

One way to make your stuff more believable is to show the flaws in the product. If we’re talking about those survey offers from the first example, tell them upfront that the most frustrating aspect of taking surveys is that they won’t be eligible to take every survey they come across.

That little bit of honesty right there goes a long way in building trust. Furthermore, it sets up expectations for the offer so people don’t refund it right away.

You don’t need to make your offer seem like the best thing since sliced bread because that comes off as desperate (<-- make sure to read that some time).

Gary Halbert talks about believability in a few of his newsletters. Use this link to find them via Google:

The other issue is Trust. Once people believe you (or WANT to believe you) you need them to trust you. By far the easiest “thing” to do is to add contact info on your landers. As Gary Halbert says… “people want to know they can reach out and get ya!”.

Moving on… I wanted to do a quick poll of all my readers so I can understand you guys better. 2012 is now here and I want to write stuff that is actually relevant for you.

Firstly, do you do SEO, paid traffic, or both?

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If there is anything you want to me to write about, leave a comment. If you want a certain kind of landing page template, let me know and I’ll add it to the landing page templates page.

How to Bypass a Clickbank Sales Page

December 20th, 2011

It’s really easy. All you do is drop your affiliate cookie and then redirect to the order page. Since you dropped your tracking cookie before redirecting to the order form, Clickbank will track fine and see you as the referring affiliate.

Doing this enables you to control and split test your own sales pages for any Clickbank offer and gives you amazing flexibility when it comes to promoting offers.

courage wolf affiliate advice

Can’t direct link because it’s got a fucking exit pop? Re-create it yourself without the exit-pop.

Is the owner shamelessly building an email list off your traffic and diverting the sale? Build your own (better) page without the optin box.

Seriously, how many sales pages on Clickbank are complete shit? How many need to be split tested? How many would you be embarrassed to show people in real life if they were your own? A huge percentage of them.

How to Drop the Cookie

All you do is put your affiliate link in an <img > tag and drop it on your page somewhere. Like this….

<img src="" width="1" height="1" />

Whenever somebody loads a page that has that code, your affiliate cookie gets set – it acts as if somebody actually clicked your affiliate link. This is referred to as “cookie stuffing” and there is a right and wrong way to go about it.

The wrong way is to stuff cookies on your sales page (index.html) and drop a cookie on every single visitor. If you get caught, chances are you will get kicked out because you’d be getting sales that you really don’t deserve.

The right legit way is to drop the cookie on the redirect page (order.php) and then send people straight to the order form. Here is a code example of what your order.php page would look like.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;url=" />
<img src="" width="1" height="1" />

By doing a meta refresh set to 2 on order.php, the browser gets an extra second to completely load the page which is just to ensure that the cookie gets dropped. Just know that the meta refresh must be set to at least 1 so the cookie actually drops. You could add a little loading icon in there for effect if you wanted as well. It would probably be smart to add some tracking code in there as well (Clicky FTW).

Redirect to the Order Form

The format for order form links on CB is Inspect the merchants sales page and hover your mouse over the “Add to Cart” button. That’s the link that goes straight to the order form and where you redirect people to after you drop the cookie.

Check out my demo page if you’d like to see a working example. When you click on the order button, it will drop my cookie and redirect you to the Clickbank order page. On the bottom of that page, you should see my example affiliate id: funkyslut

Why Do This At All?

Because most sales pages don’t convert well with cold traffic and being able to split test the merchants sales page yourself gives you a huge advantage when it comes to monetizing your traffic.

Fucking sales pages these days. They all take that standard formula that hasn’t changed since 1995: Centered text, big red headline, ugly graphics and hype-fueled adcopy. I can tell a sales page just by glancing at the template, and chances are your vistors can too.

Don’t you think the template alone might create some buyer resistance? We all know that people don’t like being sold to. Why not split test a page that looks like a sales page with a page that looks more like an article? And then split test headlines and openers until you find that magical appeal that blows everything else out of the water. Organized

November 25th, 2011

April 2015 Update: Good job to all the people who are actually reading all the letters, I can see you in my stats coming back every day. There’s hundreds if not thousands of you taking action :)

gary halbert

If you want to write high-converting adcopy then you simply need to study Gary Halbert – he was one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived! The thing is, his website is terribly organized. The content is amazing but all the newsletters are completely out of order. You’ll be reading one where he refers to the last newsletter and you’ll be like damn, I haven’t read that one yet. So I did my best to organize it a bit. I did this for myself but then realized it would benefit everybody, so I’m posting the links here.

For the most part, everything is pretty organized from 1986 (the year the newsletter started) to the 2000’s. All the misc. stuff at the bottom was taken directly off the website, but since there are no dates posted, is impossible to organize.

Note: Since some of the newsletters seem to be missing from the website (or just not indexed in Google) I uploaded the PDF here where you can read the missing pages. If you also hate reading 1,000 page .pdf documents, here are the links so you can read them online.

» Read more: Organized

A Look into The Minds of 2 Shopping Addicts

November 8th, 2011

Recently, I watched an episode of True Life on MTV titled “I’m a Compulsive Shopper” which profiles 2 young girls who both whip out their credit cards pretty much on demand, and are in credit card debt because of it.

As a marketer, it’s interesting to see how people justify spending themselves into huge debt. I mean, how could you not smile to yourself upon hearing a compulsive shoppers’ rationalization for buying yet another pair of expensive designer jeans…

“…but, but, it has a 5 year guarantee!”

Ha ha! 😀 Just that right there tells shows me just how effective guarantees really are at clinching the sale. If you’ve got a few minutes I’ve embedded the episode below. You may pick up a few new insights that you have considered before. I know I sure have.

Also, they say you gotta get to know your target market, so if you work in the health/weight loss market it may be worth looking at the “True Life…I’m Obese” episode. You can see a full list of episodes here.

The “Dear Editor” Lander

September 26th, 2011

I love reading rag mags because they always have interesting advertising in them. Check out this one I just saw…

I would split test the CTA and try sending people to a review site 😀

My New Favorite Place to Scout for Headlines

September 18th, 2011

Lately I’ve become quite addicted to It’s an awesome site for wasting time on … wait … or is it? If you work in the Health market for example, take a look at the Fitness subreddit.

reddit copywriting

That looks like a great headline to test on a landing page or in a PPC ad. You can adapt it to fit whatever: “How to _____ quickly and easily without going broke or insane”. There are a SHITLOAD of subreddits on – surely you’ll be able to find relevant ones. If not, you can always search via the Goog with the site: operator for something more specific.

reddit yoga

What could be any better? Well, it gets even better.

You get to read all the OBJECTIVE comments from users about specific topics in the category/thread you are researching. (Twitter is also good for this.)

If you are in the dating market, you can find a thread that talks about the different dating sites and SEE exactly what people think of it, with nothing held back. And from a reasonably intelligent person. These threads are filled with OBJECTIONS (why somebody wouldn’t sign up and convert), and you can address them in your ads in order to overcome them. Go check it out for yourself: