List of The Best Articles & Posts I’ve Found

This is the ever-expanding list of only the best posts about affiliate marketing (judged by me). These are the posts that will directly impact you as a marketer because they all explain one piece of the game exceptionally well. CTRL+D to Bookmark it.

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Before you get to the good stuff, you gotta be honest with yourself: Can Anyone Make Money On The Internet?

The Best Niche to Be In – Nothing much to say about this post other than “you should read it”. If you are looking at all the CPA networks wondering WTF to promote and not finding much success, then this is for you.

Desperation and Demand Are a Double-Edged Sword… – This is a great post on converting that you should read. Too many landing pages reek of cheeseball salesiness, and this is how to fix it.

Keyword Research : Go Deep or Going Wide First? – The quintessential keyword list strategy for launching brand-new campaigns and finding the profitable pockets in them. Here’s a 2nd post on the same topic

20k/month Using This System (registration required) – One of the best posts I’ve ever read on Wickedfire.

Getting Traffic for Submit Offers – This post by Ruck will teach you the concepts behind scaling. Another must-read post.

How to create a dating ad on Facebook for insane ROI – example of profitable targeting, adtext, and setup! Use this concept outside of dating offers!

Profitable PPV Campaign Case Study – Mr. Ford of wrote this awesome post about his auto insurance campaign. Read it because you might learn something!

How I Made $7.818.80 In 1 Week – Super awesome post showing you the ad and offer that generated $8k/week!

User Personas Crank Up Your ROI (With Examples) – An excellent post detailing demographics and how to write copy that appeals to those demographics. Every single article on Profitapolis is excellent – that’s why I decided to interview Eskil myself!

The “Ugly” Truth – this post should explain why you don’t need to make super snazzy stuff to make money. A must-read for sure.

The Wishing Well Secret – Why does someone want this offer? That is the stuff you should be split testing – not small details that don’t matter in the scheme of things. Another essential post by Mr. Green.

Pwning Facebook: How to Think Like an UberAffiliate – Very entertaining post

FaceBook Advertising – Soup To Nuts Guide – A 50min video detailing Facebook Ads and how to profit from it.

Adwords & Affiliates in 2010: The Way Forward – Want to be an affiliate on Google these days? Then you absolutely must read this post. It details what you gotta do to not get banned on Adwords these days.

Testing Is For The Rich – What makes or breaks you as a marketer…is testing. 99.9% stop testing after they have a profitable campaign and that is why they eventually get beaten.

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