Manually Figure Out Which States are Converting w/ Prosper202

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Affiliate Optimization: Which States Convert?

As you probably know, many traffic sources are ALL about the CTR of your ads. The higher the CTR on your ads, the lower price you pay for a click, and the easier it is for you to make money.

After you’ve been testing your new campaign, you should look and see which which states are most profitable for you, and which ones are the losers.

This is HUGE if you are advertising on Facebook Ads since they are all about the CTR. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut out high impression, low conversion states?

Step #1: Test Campaign and Get Data

Obviously, since we are doing this manually, you are going to need to already have a campaign running and getting conversions. The more data you have (# of conversions), the better.

Step #2: Login to Prosper202

Update all your subids, click on the “Visitors” tab, set your date range, and select the dropdown to “Show Converted Clicks”.

Prosper202 State Optimization

You see all those IP addresses of the people who converted?

Step #3: MaxMind Geo-IP Address Locator

Copy/paste those one-by-one into a .txt file and then copy/paste them again into the MaxMind IP Address Locator.

MaxMind IP Address Locator

MaxMind will give you a report with all the states and info from all those IP’s.

Maxmind Example Report

I like to print out a map and draw little x’s on the converting states so I can visually see which regions are converting! If nothing converts on those stoners in california (too high to find wallet), cut them out of your campaign! You will instantly have better CTR’s. Click happy people are a waste of money!

Traffic Blackbook


  1. Raphael says:

    Is htere any way to copy and paste by dragging it?

    one by one would be too much :<

    • admin says:

      nope, like I said, this is the manual way to do it lol. At the end of the day, which campaign would you rather have? optimized < --> unoptimized?

      I feel your pain though when you have 1,000’s of leads :(

      Hopefully this can be automated sometime soon

  2. Monty says:

    Very cool information. I wanted to know how to figure that out for a while now :) Thanx.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have some mod in P202 to report this stuff automatically?

    • admin says:

      Hey Monty! Yes, that would be great if it would do it automatically! I *think* Bevo can now do this automagically, but I have not tested it personally yet. When I do, I’ll do a blog post on it!

  3. david suarez says:

    hey guys there is a jerry rigged way u can do this by copying and pasting, i do it for my craigslist offers.

    (having the page open with the converted clicks)

    1) Simply export the tracking 202 results to a csv file.

    2) then copy the row with all the IP addresses, once you do that make sure to “insert” like 5-6 columns to right or left of where the IP addresses are in the spreadsheet. you will see why in #7

    3) then go to

    4) there u can copy and paste the entire list.

    5) push enter, and u will get a list of the city and state of the IP addresses u eneter, in ORDER.

    6) copy and paste the entire page into the file and remove the extra bullshit columns from the website u just copied off of.

    7) u should only be left with the IP address and the city and state, in fact u dont even need the IP addresses any more.

    8) reply if u have any questions,

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