How to Get Landing Pages in 5 Minutes or Less

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Finding profitable campaigns is 100% about experimentation. If you test 10 campaigns, you may find a winner, but if you test 100 campaigns, your chances improve dramatically. It’s a numbers game. Your goal should be to test as many campaigns as you can afford.

Building landing page templates from scratch is one of those things that takes time. And anything that takes a lot of time hurts the numbers game you must play. So it’s nice to have a way of getting landing pages that requires no thought or effort whatsoever.

You know that section within your CPA network that you have grown to ignore? The advertiser-supplied creative tab, with all those crappy banners that don’t look like they possibly could convert? Pay close attention to the ’email’ creatives, those are usually pretty decent landing pages that are already pre-made for you.

Here’s an example of an advertiser-supplied email creative – just copy/paste it into your own page and in less than 5 minutes, you are ready to go! Don’t let the hassle of setting up landing pages hold you back from testing lots of campaigns. Once you find an offer with some life, then you can start testing all sorts of other landing pages, but to get started now, just use what the advertiser has supplied!

There ya go, a simple post that hopefully gets you to test more and find some winners for yourself.

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