Should You Learn How To Program?

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FUCK YES you should, and here’s why.

Basic programming is NOT hard. I used to think that HTML, web design, programming, etc… was as difficult as learning a new language, like trying to read greek hieroglyphics or something. In reality, it’s more like picking up the rules to Texas Hold Em or something similar.

More importantly than that though, your campaign options will BLOW UP! There is a ton of free software and scripts out there that “do stuff” which you can just use. Your campaigns become a bit more than a shady attempt at a conversion since they have a function now. One thing I’ve noticed is how many websites basically rely on ONE programming function to “do work”. The majority of website owners didn’t write this software, they just assembled (eg copy/pasted) it into a website.

You don’t need to become a master to do useful stuff. The basics, which would take you a whopping few weeks to learn, will take you so far. One idea that I always thought sounded complex is those websites that convert file formats for you. Like doc to pdf. Something like that is super HARD, for the person who did it originally!

A doc to pdf website service is as simple as running a search like this: Running that search leads you to here!

If you click through that link, you’ll see some smart person ALREADY did that and will give you the code! Using it in your website is as simple as copy/pasting it. You don’t have to be the badass who does it himself. This is the nature of programming. You don’t have to be computer science major in his 4th year of study, you just need to learn how to use a hammer and drive the nail in.

If you are looking for some tutorials, I wrote a post a long time ago that I still think is 100% relevant because I feel like it gives you the proper order to learn this stuff, from basic HTML/CSS to basic PHP. Here’s the link:

I urge you to start studying. It’s fun, satisfying and gives you a massive advantage as an affiliate. So much of affiliate marketing is tracking data points and “reading” the results of your test. Learning the basics is like taking a QUANTUM leap – and it really doesn’t take much time or effort. I hope you jump in.

If you need some clarification as to how this is useful for an affiliate, leave a comment and I’ll explain some more specifics in the comment section.


  1. Trevor says:

    It has been about a year since this post. I am just learning how to program as I am interested in affiliate marketing. Can you explain further how this is useful for an affiliate?

    Do you still suggest the program you laid out to learn the basics of programming?


    • admin says:

      Hey there,

      Having some programming skills gives you a huge edge against the rest of the marketers on the internet. You can easily split traffic to page A and test it against page B. Split testing like this is fundamental to online marketing, and programming skills makes this process easy.

      Also, there are tons of things you can make with basic programming skills. Imagine you are an affiliate of a weight loss program… you can make a BMI calculator which tells people if they are fat or not. Look up body mass index on Wikipedia and you can see the mathematical formula for this, it’s freely available and a well-known formula. You can then make a page that asks for gender, age, weight (whatever variables the BMI formula needs) and do the calculation for them. This is much better than putting an ad on the internet that says ‘Lose Weight Fast’, instead you put an ad on the internet that says ‘Calculate Your Body-Mass-Index’. One looks like an ad and the other doesn’t, you see?

      Also, I’ve found that my thinking has changed for the better since I started learning how to program. I think in a much more focused manner now. In code you have to literally break down what you want to accomplish in steps, and I find that I break down real life things into steps now.

      I highly suggest watching the videos that I listed IN ORDER! It’s like math, you have to start basic and increase in difficulty. Learning stuff that is too advanced in the beginning will make you pound your head into the pavement.

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