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As somebody who has dealt with some pretty shady affiliate networks in the past, I figured I’d use this post as an opportunity to share what I think are some of the top CPA and affiliate networks around today. What you will not find on this list are networks that are brand-new or so small that nobody even knows who they are. There are no fly-by-night companies listed here. If one thing is for sure, it’s that you can’t go wrong with any of these networks.

CPA Networks

  1. Neverblue – NB is the first CPA network I ever signed up to and they are as strong as ever. They have the best interface in the business and when it comes to payments, they pay when they say they are going to. Neverblue is pretty much everybody’s top 3.
  2. W4 – Hands down, W4 has the best array of offers of any CPA network I’ve seen. While most CPA networks have the same offers as each other, W4 has got a bunch of unique ones! They are strong in pretty much everybody category. I’ve never had, nor heard of, anyone having any issues regarding payments with W4. Highly recommended.
  3. Ads4Dough – I know at least 3 or 4 affiliates who call A4D their favorite network. What’s cool about A4D is their willingness to work with you and help you succeed. If you’ve got an awesome campaign, A4D is the kind of network that will pay you faster so you can scale (just ask them!). Very approachable and very reliable.
  4. Maxbounty – damn-near bulletproof when it comes to payments and just being an all-around honest, reliable network. Even if their offices were burning down, I get the impression that Maxbounty would still manage to get your payments to you on time (they are that solid). MB also pays weekly by default (which is absolutely critical for most people).
  5. Mediawhiz – A hidden gem. Home to my favorite offer of all time. I’ve never had any problems with Mediawhiz. While they aren’t as well-known as some of the other networks listed, they are certainly respected. As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this now, the ex-CEO of Neverblue just became the CEO of Mediawhiz. Check them out for sure.
  6. Clickbooth – Probably the biggest network of them all. The reason Clickbooth is so highly rated is because they have offers you can’t get anywhere else. And a lot of times those offers are the highest converting offers in their niche. I’ve had a fantastic experience with Clickbooth myself and would recommend them to anybody.
  7. Convert2media – C2M is one of the best networks out there. They are 100% reliable and the crew there knows what they are doing. If you’re new to this, DON’T sign up with C2M. They cater to more advanced marketers, specifically paid traffic affiliates.

Honorable Mentions

The networks listed below are ones that I don’t have much personal experience with, but I’m including them here because I know they are legit and have great reputations.

CPS Networks

  1. Clickbank – My favorite network of all time. A lot of CPA marketers like to talk trash on Clickbank, but that’s mainly because of all the scammy “make money online” crap that tarnished has Clickbank’s reputation a little bit. Clickbank has a lot to offer, especially for newer marketers. Stable offers FTW.
  2. – Again, a lot of CPA marketers like to hate on CJ, but if you’re looking for quality affiliate offers, go set up a account right now. Big brands work with CJ, and they have arguably the best quality offers of any network.
  3. RevenueWire – I love these guys. If you’re a software marketer, you probably already know them. If not, do yourself a favor and go check them out. RW is like the Clickbank of software offers.
  4. OneNetworkDirect – Just like RevenueWire, OneNetworkDirect is a network for software offers. And like CJ, you’ll find the big brand software offers here (like Kaspersky and McAfee).

Have I missed any? Disagree with me on anything? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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