Fuck Quantcast, Fuck Alexa, Fuck Google Ad Planner

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All hail the POF Demographic tool!

I have been getting seriously awesome results using this tool for researching demographics. Just to SHOW you, let’s choose a niche: Ok, got it… genealogy/family history.

First let’s look at Quantcast. I’ll type genealogy into Google and see what the biggest site is. After Googling that, I see Ancestry.com and know the name (and know it’s big) so let’s plug that in…

OK, I’m seeing older women. That’s about all the insight I get from this Quantcast graph. Let’s look at Alexa and see if that gives us any better information.

Hmm, about the same. All I get from this graph is older women. Makes sense, old women like family stuff. Let’s check out Google Ad Planner and see if this gives us anything of value.

AGAIN, all I get is “older women”. I know that already! Psssshhhh

POF Demographics Tool

Let’s see what we got here…

OK, we now see women over 45, affluent, and college educated. Let’s continue…

OK we see that these women are NOT drinkers. I’m thinking the librarian kind-of woman. Ya know, the girls who don’t like to drive fast and who don’t get crazy… ever. We can ignore marital status and search type since it’s not really important for this particular campaign. Lastly, we get this data…

Fat and short. So our snapshot of the right demo for a genealogy offer is…

  • Female
  • Age 45+
  • Fat
  • Non-adventurous
  • Short
  • but educated and has money.

So basically, like this…

Bookmark the POF Demographic tool and use it often!


  1. Kuba says:

    Pretty cool idea and article. I love how you can target POF users by a lot of demographical data. Shame on Facebook…

  2. rich says:

    hahahaha that picture of paula was hilarious. Atleast your have a good visual of your target audience.

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