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Hey! I want to share a campaign with you that I ran for just a few days before getting a retro-disapproval notice by Why did they disapprove it after it was running for a few days with no problems? Well, I’m pretty sure they stole it for themselves because I saw them running the offer after they disapproved it :( Since I have other campaigns I’m focusing on, and this was just a quick test that happened to work out, I thought it would make for a nice case study. OK, let’s get started…

Campaign Details & Stats


Offer: Music Oasis ($1.90 Lead)
PPV Network: Lead Impact
Method: Landing Page
Date: 12/3/2010 – 12/10/2010
Revenue: $514.90
Cost: $271.37
Profit: $243.53

Limewire Campaign Stats

The Idea

I’m sure many of you are familiar with – it’s the P2P file sharing service that has been around for years. Well, Limewire was recently shut down and when you visit their site you get a message saying it’s under court order and no longer available blah blah blah.

limewire screenshot

After noticing this, I remembered seeing the Music Oasis offer in Neverblue which is also a music download type thing. So I built and threw up a campaign real quick. All I’m doing is offering an alternative to Limewire. I built a landing page to resemble the official Limewire site in about 15 minutes and bid on these targets: – Limewire – lime wire. Nobody was bidding on those URL’s and keywords so I set my bids and launched the campaign.

My Winning Landing Page

limewire landing pageThe Metrics

I was paying $0.02¢ per pop. At $0.02¢ per pop, every 1,000 pops cost me $20 (CPM). Here are the stats for the 2 landing pages I split tested.

Landing Page CTR

As you can see on the better performing landing page, I was getting a 34% CTR! Since I’m paying $0.02¢ per pop and 1/3 are clicking through to the offer, it effectively cost me $0.06¢ to drive a presold click. My EPC on that was $0.13¢

Why Did This Campaign Work?

I believe the main reason this campaign worked (and why the CTR on my landing page is so badass!) is because Limewire was shut down and people actually needed an alternative.

Ideas on How to Scale This Campaign

You can scale on traffic sources. Or you can multiply the idea by creating those sorts of landing pages over all teh competitors of Limewire. I suspect that Limewire would have had the highest ROI though because people needed an alternative right then.

The concept of offering alternatives is pretty fundamental to PPV in general if you ask me. Choose an offer an pop over all the competing sites. If your landing page is effective then you’ve probably got yourself a profitable campaign after a little split testing. If you enjoyed this case study, hook a brotha up by liking TPC on Facebook.

Traffic Blackbook


  1. ctrtard says:

    I saw that limewire take down notice too but it didn’t occur to me to monetize it with ppv! Nice job.

  2. Sanez says:

    Awesome case study!

    I know that trafficvance doesn’t allow downloads… I think it’s the same for Lead Impact and maybe it slipped by them the first time?

    Looking forward to more of these…. :)

  3. Kang says:

    Great example of thinking out of the box!

  4. Mike@ SEO says:

    Good use of PPV, might feel a bit shady to me copying the Limewire page so much, but you openly state the difference and musicoasis download, so pretty solid.

  5. CPV Den says:

    Yeah, most networks don’t like you promoting download toolbars for obvious reasons 😉 Great idea though!

    • admin says:

      I’m not even sure that toolbar is competing with their pops? I could be wrong though. I installed Hotbar on a shitty PC and saw they are promoting it themselves with a simple direct link. Fuckers should use my landing page 😀

  6. Joe says:

    Nice case study. Nice site w/ useful info!

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